MIDLAND, Texas — The Midland Farmers Market is back open and that means local farmers are starting to see some income again. 

If there's one thing most farmers have in common it's their resilient attitude. 

"I'm a farmer so every day I get up and work from sun up to sun down doing what I do but problem-solving all day," said Deann Yates, a fourth generational farmer and owner of Flying Y Farms. 

Farming is a business filled with problem-solving and preparing for tough situations, so for Yates adapting her business came naturally. 

"What we're having to adjust to in order to have to go out to the public and sell our produce and our products that we all vend here at the market, it's just problem solving that to continue on with our job," said Yates. 

Flying Y Farms and the other vendors as well the Midland Downtown Farmers Market are doing what they have to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while still making a living. 

"We have made some changes to how we do things at the market to comply with what the city would like to see as far as mitigating issues with COVID-19 and our governor," said Yates. 

Yates doesn't see the changes as a burden because they give back her livelihood. 

"Absolutely, it is a relief is what I mean by absolutely and yes it was tough because just like any other business we were shut down and it did hurt our incomes and how we support our families or supplement our family incomes," said Yates. 

Her sold-out baskets of produce show the community appreciates the effort behind the changes. 

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