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Texas-sized heat wave continues

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Today is going down very similarly to how yesterday went down...and that's just plain hot outside. As of 2pm, we're right near 100 degrees across the Permian Basin, and we'll likely see temps rise to around 105-106 in Midland-Odessa once again. The daily record for July 10th is 105, so we'll see if we tie or break that record. 

More records are likely to fall in the coming days. High temps are likely to increase about a degree each day tomorrow through Tuesday, topping out at around 110 that day. If there is any consolation, the air will be quite dry, with dewpoints in the 30s early next week. Dry air actually helps to evaporate sweat off the body, effectivity cooling you off a little bit.

Temps look to decrease a bit starting on Wednesday & Thursday before possibly making it down below 100 degrees by Friday and into the weekend. Rain chances stay extremely low during this whole forecast, as drought conditions are expected to persist across parts of West Texas. 

Be Safe! If you have to be out, at least try to limit your exposure to the sun. Wear a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Stay hydrated and also, remember your pets. Give them extra water, let them spend more time inside, and stay away from walking them in the middle of the day, when their paws may get burned and blistered.

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