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National Eating Disorder Awareness week brings light to big issue

Eating disorders take many different forms and can be triggered by a variety of factors.

MIDLAND, Texas — There are multiple different types of eating disorders, and they don't all look the same. National Eating Disorder Awareness week hopes to bring attention to the problem that many in our community and our life are dealing with. 

"They have to sit in front of the very thing they fear, the very thing they have a complicated relationship with many times a day, every single day of their life," said Jennifer Mason, Professional Counselor Supervisor with Intuitive Healing Therapy in Midland.

Eating disorders can be caused or triggered by many different things

"That can be trauma, that can be diet culture and the culture that we live in that our bodies are supposed to look a certain way," said Mason.

There are some things to look out for if you are worried about someone in your life having an eating disorder.

"Social isolation is really important because so much of what we do in our culture is surrounding food, and if you have struggles with food you might want to avoid those situations also you might hear negative self-talk, negative body talk," said Mason. "You also might see a shift in their mood and how they're relating to people."

The most important part is getting yourself or your loved one help if they need it.

"Eating disorders take a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, a medical doctor, a dietician, to truly help someone make peace with food," said Mason.

But it's important to remember recovery is possible.

"Recovery is full freedom, I truly believe individuals and families can have full freedom from a eating disorder and disordered eating it is so beautiful," Mason said.

Intuitive Healing Therapy alongside ThoughtFull Nutrition, will be hosting a free Screening and Information session for the community a the Coffee Shop space of One Hope Church at 2503 W. Ohio Avenue from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Thursday. 

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