ODESSA, TX (KWES) - ZomBee's, sounds like something out of a Halloween movie, but a California scientist came to the Basin to talk about unusual flies infecting bees.

Doctor John Hafernick is a professor at San Francisco State University.

He spoke to Odessa students about the zombie fly, which infects wasps and bee's.

Hafernick says once the fly infects the bees, those bees show zombie like behavior.

The bees will come out of their hives at night.

They are attracted to light and walk around in circles.

Hafernick is looking help studying them and says anyone can help out.

"If they want to get involved in our ZomBee watch program, what they need is a good pair of eyes. and to look for honeybees acting strangely, coming to light at night, walking around in circles on the sidewalk. A smart phone or another camera to take pictures of what they see and they can upload that to our website," said Hafernick.

A group of teachers and students, along with Hafernick, will head to Big Bend National Park Wednesday and Thursday to study the insects.

If you're interested in being a ZomBee hunter, click here.