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'Welcome my neighbors': Pecos woman reacts to migrant children arriving soon

Laura Natividad, who was born in Monterrey, Mexico, said she sees herself and her story in them.

PECOS, Texas — Friday was supposed to be the day 2,000 young migrant boys were to arrive at the holding facility in Pecos. 

The opening date has been pushed back because of construction at the Target Logistics North Lodge man camp. 

The man camp should be ready by Monday. Crews tell us, the migrants should arrive by the busload early next week.  

While the facility did come as a surprise for the town of Pecos, neighbors in the area are not worried about the migrants coming at all.  

In fact, one neighbor tells us she sees herself and her story, in them.  

“Bienvenidos a mis vecinos... espero que estas personas los traten bien y espero que encuentren un buen futuro aquí," Laura Natividad, long-time Pecos resident said. "Welcome my neighbors…I hope these people treat you right and I hope you find a good future here.”

Natividad has called Pecos home for over six decades. 

Her story is not that different than the young migrants who will be moving in across the street. 

Natividad was born in Monterrey, Mexico.  

Her family came to the land of opportunity and were on a fast path to citizenship. 

“I was two years old when my parents came to the United States," Natividad said. "We had our resident passport and then in 1970 that’s when we became citizens.”  

She truly has lived out the American dream. Though that dream is harder to realize in 2021. 

“To me, I think we’re blessed," Natividad said. "I used to tell my kids, you know you are lucky you were all born here? Because I’m the only one born in Mexico, even my husband was born in Pecos. I tell them all the time you’re lucky you were born here. Life is easier here than in other countries.” 

Natividad sees helping these migrants not as a burden, but rather a responsibility. 

“I don’t see anything wrong with people trying to help with these unfortunate kids," Natividad said. "Because I would like for someone to be there to give us a hand if we needed it.”

Natividad and the rest of the neighbors tell us their biggest concern is just making sure the children are well taken care of.  

According to the construction workers, the facility will run very similar to the migrant facility in Midland. It will be like a boarding school for the migrants.