NewsWest 9 is working to bring you the most accurate information on COVID-19 cases in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico.

These graphs will provide important context to how many active cases are actually in the most impacted counties.

All numbers come from local or state health departments and use recoveries, deaths and total cases to showcase the number of active cases since they began popping up in that area.

At this time we have chosen the following counties to showcase the graphs of: Midland, Ector, Andrews, Howard, Pecos, Dawson and Lea.

Midland and Ector are centrally located and have the most cases in the Permian Basin with over 100 each.

All of the other counties have over 10 cases and at least a few recoveries, with the exception of Howard County. Howard has only six cases but it is centrally located to our coverage area and is one of the few counties to have a death.

The other exception to this category is Eddy County. At this time there is no recovery data, preventing us from accurately reporting the curve of cases despite it having over 10 reported cases.

This story will be updated with new graphs every weekday as new cases and recoveries are announced.

Midland is at 124 cases, with 12 deaths and 44 recoveries. This puts them at 78 active cases.

The second picture shows the adjusted amount of cases after removing the Midland Medical Lodge cases, which make up a large portion of the cases in the county.

Midland 5/25
Midland Adjusted 5/25

Ector County sits at 151 cases with four deaths and 97 recoveries. This puts them at 50 active cases. 

Ector 5/25

Howard County has reported only six cases, though they had a long period with no active cases as the first case died shortly after being diagnosed. They are the only county at this time with less than 10 cases who has reported a death.

The county has five recoveries, putting them at no active cases at this time.

Howard 5/25

Dawson County is up to 39 cases and has one death and 30 recoveries, meaning the county has 8 active cases at this time.

Dawson 5/25

Andrews is up to 27 cases with no deaths and 21 recoveries, meaning six cases are active within the community.

Andrews 5/25

Pecos County is up to 27 cases, with no deaths and 13 recoveries. This leaves 14 active cases within the community.

A large portion of the cases are connected to the N5 unit. Additionally, there are several cases within the county who are listed as El Paso cases due to their address.

Pecos 5/25

Lea County saw an early start in cases compared to most counties but stayed at two cases for a while. Now they are up to 24 cases with only two recoveries reported, meaning 22 cases are considered active at this time.

Lea 5/25

All other counties in the Permian Basin area have anywhere from zero to nine cases and no deaths, meaning there is not enough data to accurately graph.

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