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Monahans teen donated a saxophone by Midland resident

After seeing Adriel Bustamante's story, Armando Villesca knew he wanted to help.

MONAHANS, Texas — After hearing about Adriel’s story, Midland resident Armando Villesca drove out to Monahans Thursday to gift his saxophone to the hardworking teen.

“I reached out to her, to Maritza, and we kind of coordinated it from there. She didn’t tell him, he had no idea that I was coming with the saxophone,” said Villesca.

The saxophone is a beginner tenor sax that Villesca used to play when he was Adriel's age in school.

Having a history in music as well means he understands Adriel’s passion for the instrument.

“At his age all I wanted was a tenor sax. I can put myself in his shoes and feel that same excitement… To see him just get super excited like that was a great feeling,” Villesca continued.

Adriel's mother Maritza Lujan couldn’t believe at first that someone was willing to part ways with something so special to them for her son.

“I am still so shocked. It’s really nice to see that there’s still good people out there… He hasn’t set that thing down since he got it,” said Lujan.

Cases like these show that even if they’re in different cities, West Texans will still come together and help each other out, even for something as simple as a new sax.

Adriel was donated another saxophone by another Midland resident, but they wished to remain anonymous.

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