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Teen in Monahans plays saxophone to raise money for new instrument

Adriel Bustamante uses his love for playing the sax as a means of raising money for another.

MONAHANS, Texas — Adriel Bustamante has started off his spring break by playing his alto saxophone in front of the store across from the cleaners his mother works at.

“I’ve always told him no cause I get scared about him being out there but since I was right there at the cleaners he said, ‘I’ll just go right here on the corner.’ So I let him and the first day he went out there he made I think $300 on the first day he played out there and then the second day he went he made $600.” said Maritza Lujan, Adriel's mother.

He says that he enjoys being able to play his sax while also raising money for a suitable one.

“I’d say it's pretty fun because it lets me go out and let people hear music for once cause it hasn't been here in a long time. When people come by and give me a tip they say, 'Man it's been a while I’ve seen a street performer,' so I start playing a lot for them,” said Bustamante, an eighth grader from Walker Junior High in Monahans. 

With his passion for playing and the drive to work for what he wants both fueling his efforts, he’s already made a lot of progress.

“I’m at $1,400, maybe 500 and i need like $2,500 to get to my goal,” Bustamante continued.

If he keeps at it at this rate, he'll be reaching his goal in no time. Bustamante is raising the money to buy a tenor saxophone, which is a larger and heavier instrument than the one he has now.

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