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Fort Stockton farm hopes to help keep Comanche Springs flowing with water

Belding Farms partners up with Texas Water Trade to help conserve water while also improving their irrigation system.

FORT STOCKTON, Texas — Belding Farms is one of the largest pecan growers in Texas. The farm is halfway done with a special trial that they feel will help keep the Comanche Springs flowing with water.

“So what we’re doing is converting from historical flooding irrigation and going towards sprinkling irrigation," said Zachary Swick, Farm Manager for Belding Farms. "Which would eventually be a significant water savings for the county and keep more water in the ground that will eventually end up in the springs.” 

According to Swick, so far only about 100 acres of the farm have had the sprinkler system installed, so that they could do a two-year trial to test how it works for them.

This trial was made possible through their partnership with Texas Water Trade.

“So Texas Water Trade is a non-profit that works on securing for people and nature all across the state of Texas,” said Sharlene Leurig, CEO of Texas Water Trade.

The non-profit approached Belding Farms with the idea for the project and they loved the idea.

Not only because it would help them save costs on water and labor, but it would also help keep more water in the springs.

“Belding Farms has been here relying on this aquifer for fifty or sixty years," Leurig continued. "So they’ve been a fantastic partner because they really understand that the goal is long-term sustainability of the Edwards-Trinity Aquifer and Comanche Springs.” 

Swick hopes that their decision to participate in the trial helps inspire others to do their part as well for the community.

“Everyone’s best interest is to save as much water so that way there’s plenty for all of us to go around,” Swick continued.

Swick also says that after the trial is done and all the data checks out they hope to implement the sprinkler system all over the farm.

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