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'I'm not a cat' lawyer gets collector's edition figure

Only three of the figures were made and sold for $80 each.

BREWSTER COUNTY, Texas — It was the Zoom call seen around the world-one Texas hearing took an "ameowsing" turn after attorney Rod Ponton accidentally showed up to a virtual meeting with a cat filter turned on.

The video circulated around the internet in February 2021, spawning dozens of memes and parodies after the judge tweeted the clip.

Now the moment has been immortalized in a figure by Wicked Joyful, a small shop that creates custom action figures based off of pop culture and internet jokes.

Only three of the "I'm not a cat" figures were made, each going for $80. The website listing states the sold out limited edition figures comes with a protective plastic collector's case featuring pictures of the original Zoom call.

To see the listing on the website you can click or tap here

(Caution: Figures outside of the cat lawyer on the website may contain crude language or other NSFW material. Viewer discretion is advised.)


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