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Midland ISD is internally restructuring their central office

They're creating two teams of 10 people at max to help support principals, associate principals and teachers in professional development.

MIDLAND, Texas — Everyone needs reorganization after a while.

And it turns out, Midland ISD parents, staff and stakeholders have been wanting it.

"The restructure really allows us to create some teams to provide support to our schools," Dr. Angelica Ramsey, MISD superintendent said. "So in the past there may have been one or two positions responsible for a large breadth of work, and instead of putting that much responsibility on only one or two people to provide support to thousands of employees and forty campuses, now there will be actual teams that can provide support."

So instead of tons of work on one person, they're going to be sharing the load between several people.

"We currently in the organization have executive directors and directors, but what we've done now is instead of several executive directors, there will be two, instead of many directors, there will be four, because we added coordinator positions and instructional officer positions," Ramsey said.

They say the goal is to build the capacity of principals and teachers with leadership help, professional development and tools at their disposal.

As for the positions they're doing away with, they spoke to the people currently holding them and encouraged them to reapply for the new positions.

In those new positions, each person will be responsible for eight schools.

The two teams will have meetings weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on scheduling.

"We're building them off of the board meetings," Ramsey said. "So, have a board meeting and then we follow up with who we need to disseminate information to, so we cascade communication from our leadership teams to our teachers to our support staff to our parents."

Applications for some of these positions will close Friday. Others will close next week.