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Midland ISD hires first ever Emergency Management Coordinator

MISD hired Tim Allen as the district's first Emergency Management Coordinator to oversee safety and security in the schools.

MIDLAND, Texas — With safety and security in schools as a top priority, Midland ISD has placed Tim Allen as the district's first ever Emergency Management Coordinator to oversee student and staff safety on campuses.

"As part of that safety and security committee, we’re going to come up with how we can improve and make things better, and always keeping in mind we have a standard we want to exceed," said Allen.

Making improvements in case of any emergency, natural disaster or crisis.

"So, we want to get to that point where when we have to react to that bad weather or whatever the case may be, it’s just engrained in us, and we do it without fear and panic, and as a team we can come together to accomplish these tasks," said Allen.

Allen also said he plans to reassess the current safety plans through district-wide safety trainings and drills.

"We want to do the routine things routinely, and each time we do it we’re gonna assess how we do it and identify those areas to improve," said Allen.

All of this while ensuring students know they are safe.

"There are some drills, by their very nature, we let the students know just so they are not alarmed a critical moment is happening, so they're comfortable as well," said Allen.

With school almost back in session, his team has already gotten to work. 

"Right now, we’re reviewing our physical security on every campus, every exterior door, all of that, just to make sure we’re compliant and to see where we might have some gaps," said Allen.

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