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Glo Germ test shows coffee shop's increase in hand washing

"It's better to be safe than sorry," Stormie Fernandez, CPL Ray's manager said.
Credit: KWES

ODESSA, Texas — "It's better to be safe than sorry," Stormie Fernandez, CPL Ray's manager said. 

This is the local coffee shop's motto about cleanliness in the building as of last week. 

Stormie says they've upped the ante on hand washing and sanitizing since last Thursday when schools and other community events started getting cancelled in the Basin due to coronavirus concerns. 

So we decided to put their germs to the test-the Glo Germ test.

"I hope everything will be clean because we're trying our best to sanitize everything, that way we can keep our customers healthy and us healthy and that way there's no infections or anything going on," Stormie said. 

We applied a simulated germ lotion and looked at it under a UV light. 

We found there was hardly any difference between the germ count on hands before washing and hands after washing. 

"With as much as I've been washing and sanitizing my hands, I was hoping it was as clean as it was," Stormie said. 

A big factor as to why we found these results was because Stormie said she's been washing her hands nearly 40 times in one shift lately. 

Hand washing more and eliminating one germ at a time.


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