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Afghan interpreter recounts brave escape from Taliban controlled Afghanistan

West Texan and Green Beret Sgt. Joseph Torres worked with fellow soldiers to get Mikey out of Afghanistan.

Tatum Guinn (News West 9)

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Published: 10:58 PM CST December 8, 2021
Updated: 11:08 PM CST December 8, 2021

The man we have come to know as Mikey has a remarkable story to tell – a story of standing up for what’s right despite the risk. A story of bravery. More importantly, it is a story of freedom.

Mikey is an Afghan man that worked with U.S. special forces as a translator. He began the process of applying for a Special Immigrant Visa in 2012, but the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan before he could get a visa and the U.S. began pulling troops.

Seemingly left behind by the troops he served alongside for years, Mikey was low on hope of surviving another Taliban controlled regime, let alone trying to get out of the country.

That was until his American comrades got involved. It’s a reminder that you’re never in the fight alone and you never leave a solder behind.

This is Mikey’s story.