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Midland chemical company producing hand sanitizer

True Chemical Solutions is donating gallons of hand sanitizer to local municipalities for people in need

MIDLAND, Texas — We all know hand sanitizers are a hot commodity, they've been flying off shelves.

Consider yourself lucky if you find one.

Luckily, True Chemical Solutions in Midland is stepping up to help get it to those in need.

The company generally provides chemicals for oil field service, and while they say that they're keeping up with those operations.

The President of the company Kelly Gabriel says they've repurposed some of their resources to mix and make hand sanitizer by the gallon.

"We know everyone at the company feels good about what we're doing and they're very motivated," said Gabriel.

Though producing the solution isn't cheap.

The main ingredient in hand sanitizer is Isopropyl alcohol which costs approximately $4,000 per tote (330 gallons).

That amount produces a similar amount of hand sanitizer when mixed with small amounts of glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.

So TCS reached out to several other local companies for donations, one of their main contributors has been Fasken Oil & Ranch.

Fasken's Oil and Gas director of operations Tommy Taylor says Fasken was happy to help with a several thousand dollar donations to get the project rolling.

Thanks to their efforts and donations, TCS has produced nearly 1000 gallons of hand sanitizer and delivered the solution to Midland and Odessa public agencies, as well as public agencies of several surrounding west Texas counties.

You can learn more or help with donations by visiting here.

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