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UMC starts Final Salute to honor veterans

The program will highlight veterans who pass away while staying at UMC.

LUBBOCK, Texas — UMC Will begin to honor veterans who end their time with the health system starting tomorrow with Final Salute. 

When a veteran passes away, the family will receive a coin to honor their family member. This coin is similar to a commander's coin, which is given to military members for outstanding performances according to a UMC Health System press release. 

“The coin given to the family represents our thankfulness and appreciation of the veteran and their service during their lifetime,” said Tim Howell, senior vice president for patient care services at UMC. “Usually in a military family, you know about coins. Most have probably seen a personal collection.”

The press release states that one side of the coin has a U.S. flag with five crests honoring the military branches, while the other side has the quote "we appreciate you."

UMC has a strong passion for serving its veterans and has a motto of "Service is our passion."