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Odessans for a Bright Future PAC hopes to give more traction to ECISD bonds

The Political Action Committee (PAC) held a rally Wednesday in Odessa to spread the word on the bonds.

ODESSA, Texas — ECISD has been heavily pushing their three new bonds that they are hoping Odessa voters will pass in November.

So, one Odessa Political Action Committee (PAC) has formed in order to spread the word about the bonds and what they could bring to the schools of the county.

Calling themselves Odessans for a Bright Future, the PAC met at the UP&S Building in Odessa to hold a rally regarding the new bonds.

“We’re talking about the political action committee that is trying to bring information and promote the bond issue that the school board has called for recently," Sarah Moore said, speaking on the topic of Wednesday's rally. "It’ll be coming to election on November 7th.”

The bonds address multiple needs in the district, such as maintenance and upkeep issues and the overcrowding of students within the schools.

The PAC spoke highly of a bond that would bring a new middle school to the west side of Odessa that would alleviate some of that stress.

“The middle school is going to help with the overcrowding by bringing some of the kids out," Kevin Searcy, a member of Odessans for a Bright Future, said. "It’s a small portion, but we’ll also have a CTE [Career and Technology] building, there’s going to be 400 permanent high school students there."

By getting these bonds passed, Odessans for a Bright Future is hopeful they'll give a boost to both the quality and the quantity of educational opportunities to ECISD students.

“That’s the goal. Without quality facilities you can’t have quality education," Searcy said. "Maybe some people believe that you can teach kids in a barn, but as a person who’s data driven who does computers every day, a software engineer, I wouldn’t have had those opportunities."

According to the PAC, with a higher standard of education, the baton can be passed to the younger generations to guide the country to bigger and better places.

“We truly believe that our children are the future of our economy and of our country, so we want to support them," Mary Caywood, a member of Odessans for a Bright Future, said. "It’s not just about supporting ourselves, it’s about making sure that that next generation can grow up and have the best education that they can to bring us forward, to be innovative [and] to bring the country to the forefront."

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