ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - If you receive a postcard from Ector County, that isn’t a scam-that’s a jury summons.

Ector County switched over to the postcard format for jury summons beginning with courts in April 2019. The first round has been mailed to 850 prospective jurors who will be required to appear on April 5.

The postcards will prompt potential jurors to go online and provides responses to a mandatory questionnaire. They will also be able to enter disqualifications and exemptions for jury service as well as obtain a one-time postponement of their jury service.

Those who do not have access to the internet will be able to complete a paper version of the questionnaire upon arrival at the courthouse.

All potential jurors when they report for jury service must bring their postcard summons.

Here are examples of what the postcards will look like:

Ector Co. switches to postcards for jury summons
County Jury Summons (Source: Ector County)
Ector Co. switches to postcards for jury summons
District Jury Summons (Source: Ector County)

To go online and confirm your jury service, you can click here.