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Is there a Christmas tree shortage?

Nursery owners say there should be plenty of live trees to go around.

MIDLAND, Texas — Christmas is around the corner, and many people are wondering if they will have gifts under the tree, or even a tree at all.

So amid all the shortages this year, is there a lack of Christmas trees as well?

According to Larry West, the co-owner of La Casa Verde Nursery in Midland, people shouldn't worry.

West did emphasize there will be fewer live trees than previous years due to warmer weather conditions throughout the year, but said there will be plenty for those who are hoping to purchase them.

"For the weather that damped things in the northwest part of the country took a bunch of trees out, not necessarily killed them but made them unable to be harvested so a lot of the trees that would have been in the market from that area are not going to be in the market this year," West said.

Other holiday favorite plants like poinsettias should also be fully stocked for the holiday season. West says people shouldn't worry about the plants and can focus on getting other things like gifts on time for Christmas.

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