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Influenza on the rise

Midland Memorial Hospital provides tips on preventing the influenza illness.

MIDLAND, Texas — Each year during flu season, Midland Memorial Hosptial sends a flu report to the health department. 

They monitor the emergency room to keep track of patients coming in with influenza-like illnesses and how many people are positive for influenza A or B.

This year there was a spike in flu-related symptoms in the month of December.

Val Sparks, Infection Preventionalist at MMH, offers tips on how to prevent people from getting influenza A or B. 

1. Get a flu shot as soon as possible. Free with health care insurance, if not usually $25. 

2. Practice good hand hygiene. Wash your hands and stay away from shaking hands at work, church, etc.

3. Covering your cough and sneezes. Use a tissue or crook of your elbow. Use your hands as a last resort, and if you do use your hands make sure to wash them or use an alcohol-based rub as soon as possible.

4. Stay away from individuals that are sick and stay at least arms lengths or 6 feet away from an individual that is sick. 

Sparks recommends coming to the hospital as soon as you have a high fever. The earlier the symptoms are caught the faster you can get on an anti viral medicine.

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