When you buy expensive designer clothes you want to take care of them. But there’s no need to worry when they already come dirty, right?

Gucci’s website is currently selling the “Screener” leather sneaker for $870. No surprise on the cost, that’s Gucci for you.

But what is surprising is the white leather already comes with a stained, off white look. Even the shoe laces look dirty. Even the insides are dirty. And the leather is pre-scuffed.

Gucci is selling dirty sneakers with scuff marks for $870
Gucci's Screener leather trainers Gucci

There are three color variants to go with your dirty white leather, throwing in greens, oranges, reds and blues. Since the shoes already look old, it makes sense they come with Gucci’s vintage logo.

From Gucci’s website:

“A pastiche of different influences that span across decades, the Cruise 2019 collection references old school shapes and materials inspired by vintage sportswear. Influenced by classic trainers from the '70s, the Screener sneakers—named for the defensive sports move—feature the Web stripe on the side and vintage Gucci logo, treated for an allover distressed effect.”

If the trainers aren’t your style, you can go for the Rhyton sneaker with mouth print. They’re also “pre-dirtied” and will cost you $890.

Gucci is selling dirty sneakers with scuff marks for $870
Rhyton sneaker with mouth print Gucci