HOUSTON, Texas — Waha Hub fixed low gas prices in the Permian Basin in late March has caused Apache Corporation to decline outsourcing natural gas production by 250 million cubic feet.

Shipping out the gas to other territories would cost Apache more money than it is worth to stop production.

The company paid other producers in the Basin to take all remaining gas off their hands

Apache President and CEO John Christmann stated they would return to selling gas in the future once prices increases.

“We will closely monitor daily pricing and return our gas to sales when it is profitable to do so.  We are carefully managing these actions so there is no adverse impact on long-term wellbore integrity or reservoir productivity and look forward to returning this production to market as soon as practical,” said Christmann.

New pipelines are being built with the implication that more resources will help raise shipping supplies while lowering shipping costs to sell more gas.

A tweet from Apache shows that they are still invested in Apline High's longevity and prosperity.