Andrews Police searching for suspect in drive-by shooting

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

Armed and dangerous, that's how Andrews Police describe a suspect in a drive by shooting.

Andrews Police are still looking for him. Police tell NewsWest Nine the shooting happened late Saturday or early Sunday morning.

They say a 21 year old man fired several shots at two homes and two cars. One home on avenue D, and about two blocks over at a home on Sixth street.

Police believe the shooting could be the result of a long standing feud between two men or families that got out of hand.   The good news, no one was hurt.  

Police Chief Bud Jones says drive by shootings are a crime they rarely see in their town. "A drive by shooting is rare.  This is probably the 3rd time in 15-20 years that I can even recall anything of this type." 

If you have any information, call the Police or Crime Stoppers at 524 - HELP.  

You will remain anonymous.