Voting on Midland road bond to start next week

Voting on Midland road bond to start next week

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - You can't help but swerve for potholes and cracks as you drive though Midland.

It's something Councilman J. Ross Lacy hopes to resolve with a road bond.

"If we're not willing to make an investment and down payment on our infrastructure when we're looking at explosive growth from anywhere from 20-30,000 new residents in the next 5 years, what are we saying to these cities that are investing tens of millions of dollars in Midland," said Lacy.

The project aims at fixing streets with a pavement condition score of 50 percent or less and streets on the verge of that score.

The road bond is broken up intro Proposition A for roads and Proposition B for underground utilities, in order for the city to fix the streets both propositions have to pass.

If the bond does not pass, the city of Midland can't issue any debt towards roads or utilities for 3 years, something Lacy said will set the city even further back.

"The problems of today will still be the problems of the past, 3 years down the road," said Lacy. "The issue is to get people out there to vote. To get out there to express their opinion and see that we need to invest in the future. Invest in Midland's future and invest in our infrastructure."

If the bond passes taxpayers with a $250,000 home will pay about $100 more in property taxes per year.

For more on the bond, including a map of the roads the proposed bond will fix, click here.

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