Ector County Commissioners Working to Regulate Game Rooms

Ector County Commissioners Working to Regulate Game Rooms

by Kalene O'Brien
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Illegal gambling in game rooms in Ector County has proven to be a growing problem. Now, County Commissioners are working to do something about it.

On Monday, Ector County Commissioners approved a resolution that will be sent to legislature. It asks for counties to be provided the ability to regulate game rooms.

Currently, counties do not have the authority to do so. The only thing that can be done is an investigation after a game room is already suspected to have illegal activity.

"Cities do have that authority and we would like to be able to regulate times of operation, locations and things of that nature just to give us a little more control because our citizens are obviously concerned about what's going on with the game rooms," said Ector County Judge Susan Redford.

Odessa Police tell NewsWest 9, since the city passed an ordinance allowing game rooms to be regulated, they've seen a lot of crime cut down and that's exactly what County Commissioners are now working towards.