Authorities Seize Guns, Drugs, and Cash in Lea County

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

LEA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO - Drugs, guns, and cash seized in Lea County.

Now authorities are looking for the people it belongs to.

Lovington police and the Lea County Drug Task Force made the discovery on Dakota Road, just outside of Lovington on Monday.

We're told the people who live in the house have been under investigation for a while for trafficking methamphetaimines.

When they raided the home, there wasn't anyone there, but authorities found loaded shotguns, pistols, an AK-47, meth, pot, and $5,500 in cash.

Some of it was found stashed in hidden compartments throughout the house.

Also found in the home, surveillance equipment, authorities believe the equipment was used to keep an eye out for the cops.

The very next day, Tuesday, authorities went to a home on south 8th Street where they say they found more meth, marijuana, scales, drug paraphanelia, and surveillance equipment.

No arrests have been made yet, but officers are looking for 22-year-old Gabriel Lopez, 26-year-old Bobby Rodriguez, and 24-year-old Brandy Bullock.

All face felony drug charges.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call the Lea County Drug Task Force at 505-393-2835.