Safety Around City Pools

by Roma Vivas
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- An accident like the one that happened on Saturday can be a pretty scary sight for a family. But what should you do to make sure your little ones are safe when they are swimming? Some parents say it's all about good supervision.

"That's the most important thing is keeping them safe and you just got to keep an eye on them" Sarah Farmer, a parent, said.

Sara Farmer comes to the pool with her two girls all the time. She even goes into the pool with them to make sure they're okay. Other parents say it's all about keeping a close watch. 
"It's as important as it can be, in a blink of an eye these kids can go into this water, anything can happen in a second," Matt Grubbs, a parent, said.

According to Celestino Garcia, Health Administrator for the City of Midland, most accidents at the pool occur when kids are not being watched.

"In the United States there have being to many deaths where kids are not supervised, people around the deck, slipping hitting their head or kids drowning in a pool for some reason and they drown and no none was there to help them out and that's uncall for," Celestino Garcia, Midland Health Administrator, said.

But making sure your and your family have a safe time at the pool starts even before you get into the water. The Midland Health Department checks more than 400 pools in the city to make sure they are up to standards.

"We make sure that the pools are operating, that they maintain on the right chlorine, chlorine kills the bacteria, and we check their records," Garcia said.

City pools have about 6 life guards on duty to make sure everyone is following the rules. But when it comes to private pools, Garcia says they check for other safety features.

"Making sure they have a bouie, make sure their gates are self locked that way you don't have a two or three year old walking in there," Garcia said.

Garcia also says when they inspect apartment pools they also check they have a first aid kit. And a phone near by in case of an emergency.  Pools that don't meet their standards are shut down until they are put up to date.