New High-Tech tool helping students in Dallas schools

by David Quinlan

A new learning tool is now jump starting the performance of hundreds of Texas students in the classroom.

The device looks like a remote control, and it lets students text their answers to the system which then displays them on a screen in the classroom.
Their already using it in Susan Fried's Algebra II class at North Dallas High School.
"They can put in an equation.  They can put in a number response," said Fried.

Similar to a cell phone, the classroom performance system allows kids to text their answers electronically.  The results appear on a screen.

In turn, students know how they scored, and the teacher knows what to review.

Fried said, "they'll go home and do their homework tonight, they weren't before.  It holds them accountable, and they're accountable to the whole class."
The CPS device is relatively new, just over four years old, but it's catching on in Dallas.

More than 30 schools have jumped on board including countless universities and colleges nationwide."

And it seems to be working.  In Fried's algebra class last year, her students went from a 70% passing rate to 100%.

"I had more time to teach, more time to have nice lessons that are more informative.  It gives me more time to help them," said Fried.

Students are noticing a difference too, especially with their grades.
Student, TreMayae January said, "Now using them I get a better chance to make good grades, because I get a chance to redo it."

It's a simple device that's scoring high with students and teachers.