Rescue mission continues for trapped Utah Miners

by Leanne Gregg

NBC News

Drill crews are digging a third bore hole into the Crandall Canyon Mine in the latest rescue efforts to find six missing miners.

Rescuers think the hole they're digging could lead to an area where the miners could have escaped to and barricaded themselves.

Eight days have passed since the men were trapped inside the mine.

"This hole is on a diagonal in the direction where we think the miners would have gone if their air had gotten bad underground and not breathable," explained mine co-owner and Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray.

Rescuers  also plan to lower a camera into a different hole they've drilled for a third time to get a look with additional lighting.

The high resolution cameras have spotted a tool bag and other mining equipment but no signs of the missing miners.

Crews underground are inching their way toward where they think the miners may be, but it's not an easy journey.

The massive collapse has caused treacherous conditions.

"They're the most difficult conditions that I've seen in 50 years of mining," said Murray.

Those in charge of finding the miners insist this is still a rescue mission.