When should you speak up regarding a person's behavior?

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - Wednesday's school shooting in Florida left some people feeling uneasy. It might have some of you asking if a shooting like this could ever be prevented.

Brain Wingfield, who is a certified counselor at Samaritan Counseling Center, says nothing happens overnight and that there could be warning signs to look out for.

"This just reinforces the idea that people need to pay attention to and making sure we're taking interventions. In most of these cases, these people have had a very troubled history. There has been numerous incidents that have happened leading up to the actual events that have happened," said Wingfield.

Wingfield also says that reaching out for help in the beginning could help a person before it gets worse.

"If you want to stop a car that is going 10 mph, it's pretty easy to stop. If you want to stop a car that is going 80 mph, that gets a little more difficult," said Wingfield.

This also goes back to the old saying see something, say something.

"People need to recognize that fact that you are not ratting someone out. You're not doing something that is wrong by going up to another school official and alerting people if you notice behaviors that have warning signs," said Wingfield.

Prevention is all about having an open communication with other people.

"Voice our concerns. Because that's kind of knowledge is power. We have to make sure we are doing that. I think that's the one thing to kind of prevent these things from potentially happening is that we have the lines of communications open," said Wingfield.

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