Workshop teaches families about proper credit habits

Workshop teaches families about proper credit habits

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Whether they were getting ready for college for college, or learning about what to do when it comes to making a big purchase, Tuesday's workshop about credit hit home for everyone including Selena Juarez. She came so her daughter will learn about credit before she takes off for college.

"Since I'm a home school mom and I have that heart to teach I want her to be prepared. I take advantage of every opportunity we have to educate them," said Juarez

The hour-long course touched everything from how a person's credit score can help them get loans and apartments but also stop them from getting a job if it's not good enough. Juarez learned that a person should never use more than 30% of their limit.

"We just knew that we had to use the credit to have more credit. At some point, we got ourselves over our heads so it took us sometime to pay, I mean it took us years to give some of our whole paycheck to pay off some of those accounts."

Getting and keeping good credit is something everybody wants. Juarez added the message about credit was heard loud and clear by her kids because she was listening to it just like them.

"They seem to learn better from other people and not from their parents. They don't want to hear what your parents have to say all the time. It helps whenever I take them with me to these workshops or I take them with me to classes because they'll listen and they'll hear it from somebody else and not the parents," said Juarez.

Officials say it's important to check your credit score once a year for any changes.

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