Midland County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard standing by for fallen officer

Midland County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard standing by for fallen officer

(KWES) - The San Antonio Police Department is still grieving over the loss of one of their men in blue, Officer Miguel Moreno.

"I'm sick of the police haters, we protect them, we defend them and they give us the big F you," said San Antonio Police Chief William McManus.

Moreno and his partner were investigating vehicle burglaries when a suspect in a vehicle shot at both officers. Moreno, who was shot in the head, later died from his injuries.

But even 300 miles away, the Midland County Sheriff's Office understands that hurt.

"It hits home," said Midland County Sheriff Painter. "It's hard. We've had it happen here. You cry for them. You send messages of love and let them know we're here for them. Let them know they're not alone."

That's why the Sheriff's Office has their Honor Guard that may head down to San Antonio to show the department some support.

"We provide support every year in a law enforcement memorial," said Painter. "Whether it's a walk, a run or a bicycle ride, we try to provide our support and our backing for our fellow law enforcement officers. The Honor Guard is a show of devotion of love for our fellow officers and our fellow communities and to show our support. Shake hands, hug them, tell them we love them, and if we can be of any help, to let us know. That's our job."

Officer Moreno's funeral services will be held this week. If Midland County's plans fit with scheduling, Sheriff Painter said he hopes people will still remember that not only does law enforcement stand together, but they'll never stop doing all they can to protect their communities.

"It's hard, it's a shame we have to do this because there are crazy people on the streets that are mentally affected for whatever reason they're attacking law enforcement trying to take over, we won't let them take over," he said. "We're going to come back at them."

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