Event shines light on issues not talked about in the Permian Basin

Event shines light on issues not talked about in the Permian Basin

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There's a silent epidemic in the Permian Basin.

Krystle Tumlinson, Community Education Director for Oceans Behavioral Hospital said, "I think it's the stigma associated with mental health. It's not a conversation that somebody wants to talk about with friends."

A handful of groups who are fighting this issue were at Oceans Behavioral Hospital on Thursday for "Mind over Munchies" an event during May, also known as Mental Health Awareness Month.

"We feel like it's our calling to bring awareness to those that are suffering with behavioral health and mental health issues," said Tumlinson.

Tumlinson added around 150 patients visit the hospital per month and they assist around 2000 per year.

"We see a lot of the adult population in Midland and Odessa. A lot of times we see the numbers fluctuate when oil is down and jobs are out, people are being laid off," said Tumlinson.

Which can make a person feel like their walls are caving in.

"They're ashamed that they have thoughts of harming themselves," said Tumlinson.

But with more events and more discussions officials believe people dealing with mental health issues won't have to suffer in silence.

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