Why the MISD board candidates are in the running

Why the MISD board candidates are in the running

All the candidates running for the Midland ISD board have expressed the importance of hiring a leading superintendent who is right for the job. However, there are other things that play a large role.  Are you not sure who to vote for? Here's a quick run down on what candidates said they would continue or change if elected.

District 1:

James Fuller said it's apparent that the challenges we face are readily capable of being resolved. He wants:

- To make sure he's instrumental in having to adjust academic achievement. 
- Continue seeing elementary schools moving in the right direction to perform on high levels. 
- Be a part of that change and hopes to stay on the board to continue representing the students

"I have the concerns at heart and my focus is on the 24,000 plus in this district," said Fuller.

Ernie Garcia said it's important to have very qualified people working for the board. He wants:

- To address the issues on hiring & retaining teachers
- Possibly look into a third high school
- To play a large role for the students

"I'm about kids," said Garcia. "I'm passionate for kids and I'm doing it for the kids."

District 4:

John Kennedy said Midland has been good to him and his family and wants to give back to the community. He wants:

- To fix and increase academic achievement to avoid improvement required campuses.
- Use his financial background to help with the budgetary needs. 
- Wants the community and district to work together to be the best school district in the state.

"I have the time and desire to make this school district great," Kennedy said.

Rachel Stone said she's been active with MISD on many levels. She wants:

- To make sure teachers have technology and skills they need.
- To be very transparent and have the board get very involved.
- Continue being there and helping the children

"I am committed to their children and my community," said Stone. "I've been here all life. Spent many years with MISD along with other communities. Education has been my passion. I will be there and I will be transparent."

District 7

Margy House is a career educator and says she has expertise and perspective that are important for the board. She said having a teacher on the board will give an extra perspective and idea of what can be done in the schools. She wants:

- To see teachers given more control of what's being taught or how it's being taught in the classrooms
- Principals need to be given position of leadership they deserve

"I believe the central office needs to get out and be in the schools and be more helpful in the schools," House said.

Bryan Murry has a desire and passion for kids. Murry is a CPA, he's worked in Midland/Odessa since 1995. He worked for a public accounting firm, he was on the audit team for ECISD for two years. Three years experience as a financial manager for an oil and gas company. He has experience with finances, tax returns for 16 years. He says as a parent, he's been very involved and wants to make a difference to the students of MISD. He wants:

- To get community involved with district
- An innovative superintendent to have a good academic and financial background. Also that he is willing to think outside of the box. 
- A superintendent to give power over to the teacher to let them teach in the classroom
- Use financial background to look at finances and see how to save money 
- Restore value and raise morale in teaching crew
- To continue MISD's great leadership of teachers and principals

"Our most valuable asset of our community is our kids," Murry said. "It's important we make good decisions for our kids and their education. I thought it was about time for me to be a part of that in making academics better and education better."

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