Early voters react to proposed tax increase by MISD

Early voters react to proposed tax increase by MISD
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MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As the first week of early voting on the proposed tax increase ended Friday, many in the district had an opinion on what they believe the results should be.

John Thurman and Christine Foreman are not just taxpayers in the Midland Independent School District but also parents who grew up in the school system with children who also have gone through the school system as well.

"I really think they have so much stress already placed on them in the classroom and on their campuses that having to make budget cuts makes it even harder for them to do a good job," said Foreman.

"I think we need to stop just giving money back to the school district. We need to see a better return from the school district. People are saying this is for the kids. Well I think the kids need to put more into it so they could learn more," said Thurman.

Both parents are on opposite sides of the proposed tax increase which members of the board say will help combat a $25 million deficit they are facing. So getting to vote early was vital to them.

"When you talk about raising taxes for education I think it's so important for the community to get behind their school district," said Foreman.

"Back when I went to school it was a great district, the teachers cared and taught, and they didn't have near the amount of new technology and buildings the kids have now plus they want more. I think it's time to put a stop to it," said Thurman.

Both Thurman and Foreman were two of the many who already cast their ballot on the tax rate election (TRE) and they say they are prepared for whichever the results sway.

"It'll make it a lot more difficult for the teachers, staff, and district to educate my kids if we don't pass the TRE," said Foreman.

"Everybody is wanting to raise taxes and regular people like myself, I don't think I've had a raise in two or three years," said Thurman.

Early voting continues through Oct. 4 with the general election being held on Saturday, Oct. 8.

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