TABC cracking down on underage drinking, warning parents

TABC cracking down on underage drinking, warning parents

TEXAS (KWES) - Spring break is in full swing and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is looking to crack down on underage drinking.

"We don't want to see anyone lose their lives or get injured or even risk their future, just to enjoy a drink," said Chris Porter, Public Information Officer for the TABC.

In March 2014, there was a total of 176 alcohol related deadly crashes in Texas.  20 drivers in those crashes were under the age of 21.

"Any time you have a young person get behind the wheel of a vehicle while they are intoxicated, they are submitting themselves to possible horrible injury or even possibly death," said Porter.

That's why the TABC is looking to crack down on businesses who are supplying minors with alcohol. The Commission has been performing sting operations throughout the state since the first of the month.

"One of our undercover underage volunteers attempt to purchase alcohol. In the off chance they do, we can take action against that retailer and make sure they know exactly what the law is," said Porter.

TABC is also urging parents to start talking to their children about the affects and dangers of underage drinking.

"Parents are the first line of defense when it comes to keeping their young people away from alcohol. We would just encourage them to look for the literature that talks about the dangers of alcohol and explain it with your children. Alcohol is something that can be enjoyed responsibly as long as you are of legal age and are observing the proper safety measures to ensure you are not putting yourself or others at risk," said Porter.

If you need information to educate your children about underage drinking, you can visit TABC's website at

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