Construction at ECISD High Schools Still Isn't Complete

Construction at ECISD High Schools Still Isn't Complete

High school students in Odessa may have enjoyed an extended summer, but ECISD staff had their work cut out for them over these past two weeks.

Even though the doors opened Tuesday at Permian and OHS, construction still isn't over.

Finally, classes have officially begun and students are roaming the new halls, but they can't help but notice that not all of those halls have been painted yet.

The new academic wing at Permian has thirty-eight new classrooms and two offices for upperclassmen. It's wide and open, and has lots of natural light, and most students are so excited to see it that they don't notice the unpainted steel beams overhead and closed off rooms.

"We're crossing our fingers that everything will be finished by the end of November. We're looking at our offices, our third P.E. gym, that's our freshman gym, we have a band hall that won't be ready until November, and a lot of details throughout the whole building that we still have a lot of work to do," said Permian principal James Ramage.

Ramage went on to say that if he had to put a number to it, he'd say that the construction is about seventy-five or eighty percent done, and the students are excited to enjoy all the new facilities later this fall.