Farmers Affected by Coyanosa Flooding

Farmers Affected by Coyanosa Flooding

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

COYANOSA - A tornado touched down in the small farming community of Coyanosa on Monday evening, but one of the biggest problems it left behind was the flooded roads. "This morning the water was over the road to this car over there and all the way down to that deal," Elmer Braden said while pointing down the road he lives on.

Braden has spent the day with his brother cleaning out their house, as the water surrounded their property and made its way inside.

"It's a muddy mess," Braden said. "Nice, clean house and then you go in and there's water everywhere and mud and soggy carpet."

He says it's the worst flooding he's seen in his 33 years of living there, ripping the leaves off of his pepper plants and flooding the cotton. However, he says compared to other people in town, they got lucky.

"The hail and rain yesterday was severe but I've got neighbors that have worse damage than us so I feel like we're fortunately blessed in a way that nobody was hurt and we'll live through it. We'll recover," Braden said.

The National Weather Service reported there was four feet of standing water on some roads near Coyanosa. On Tuesday, some cars were still stranded while others tried to make it through.

"Fortunately most people have turned around and not drowned but there's a few here lately that I've seen have tried to go through and made it through," Braden said.

He says the worst damage was closer to town, but flooded waters prevented our car from crossing the intersection. Braden says some farms will even have to start their crop all over.

"We could feel bad but it could always be worse," Braden said.