Midland Woman Wins Trip to Washington to Honor Fallen Brother

Midland Woman Wins Trip to Washington to Honor Fallen Brother

By Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND: A Midland woman is getting an opportunity of a life time this Memorial Day weekend. She'll be in the presence of President Obama after submitting a blog about her brother who died in war.

Angel Munoz is the sister of Robert Arciaga. He was the first solider from Midland to die in combat. Robert lost his life back in 2004.

"He was in the Middle East for three weeks and Iraq for three days before he was killed," said Munoz.

Recently, Angel's mother told her to submit a questionnaire to Survivors Outreach Texas. It's a website that helps people who lost loved ones in the war. If she was picked, her writing would be featured on the website for Memorial Day.

"We had to tell the a little bit about our story, what Memorial Day means to us, what we want the American public to know, what do we do for Memorial Day and what is the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day," said Munoz.

Munoz said that she along with her three brothers had all served in the military and unfortunately her brother Robert had paid the ultimate sacrifice. Soon after, her submission she was contacted by the website.

"I got an email from the lady I had been communicating with. She told me that headquarters wanted to know more about our story," said Munoz.

After speaking with some representatives, Munoz was told that she would be featured as a guest blogger and they were offering a trip to Washington D.C.

"He said listen we are really impressed by what you wrote and we were hoping that you would like to join us in Washington D.C. for Memorial Day services," said Munoz.

They even offered to pay for her entire trip. Angel said she's looking forward to being in our nation capitol to honor her brother and other soldiers this Memorial Day.

"It's just a once in a lifetime opportunity!" said Munoz.

And she's excited to be rubbing elbows with President Obama.

"We get to sit in on a speech that the president gives for Memorial Day. If I don't get to meet him, that's fine. just being in the same room with him is super cool," Munoz said.