Mother Claims Daughter's Class Was Left Unattended For Hours

Mother Claims Daughter's Class Was Left Unattended For Hours

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA- According to Kaytie Coon, her five-year-old daughter was apart of an entire class of kindergartners left alone for hours. The mother says the incident happened on Friday at Latter Rain Christian School in Odessa.

When Coon and her daughter's father went to get answers from Pastor Craig DeArmond, he requested that they unenroll their daughter from the school.

"We asked why was our daughter and the entire class were left unattended. He was very argumentative, he didn't want us there or have to deal with us. He just wanted us to unenroll her and he wanted us out of his way," Coon said.

Coon just wanted answers as to why the children were left unattended. The conversation between the parents and the Pastor was recorded Tuesday morning.  He claims at times the children were left alone.

"Those kids were never left unattended? Not one time?" Coon said.

"No, they were not. No more than normal," DeArmond said.

"So they are left unattended like that?" Coon said.

"When a teacher takes another kid to the bathroom, those kids don't have another teacher in that room," DeArmond said.

Coon took to the school's Facebook page on Friday night after they got word of the class being left alone by the substitute teacher. They requested a phone call back from the school with an explanation.

Immediately, the post was taken down off the school's page. A meeting was set up for Tuesday morning with DeArmond.

According to the parents, the meeting got heated. Coon feels because she brought the situation up, her daughter is being penalized and must go to a different school.

"I was in tears. I now have to pull my five year old daughter out of this school that she knows, loves and has friends. Now, we have to find another school for her immediately," Coon said.

NewsWest 9 reached out to the school multiple times to get a comment from DeArmond. As of Tuesday night, NewsWest 9 hasn't heard back.

Coon isn't looking to press charges, she and the father of the five-year-old just want answers.

"I'm not here to press charges. I want the situation to be handled correctly and professionally. Me and her father wanted an explanation as to why the class was left unattended. We couldn't seem to get that explanation," Coon said.