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Odessa Fire Department Taking Applications for EMS Lifeline Program

By Audrey Castoreno
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa firefighters are always on standby for when an emergency strikes. These days, our roadways are one of the most likely hazards.

"Traffic has increased drastically and we are seeing a lot more car wrecks," Odessa Fire-Rescue Assistant Fire Chief, Glen Hogue, said.

Which means more transports for our emergency responders and a lighter wallet for you.

Good news for residents though, Odessa Fire Rescue is once again taking applications for their EMS Lifeline program. It's all in an effort to deter costs for citizens.

"The program is designed for a $59.00 membership fee as many times as you need transported," Hogue said.

EMS Lifeline can save you several hundreds of dollars, a cost most insurance companies don't even cover

Here's the breakdown: A transport by EMS will run you anywhere from $280.00 - $580.00 dollars for your base rate. Then tag on $8.00 per loaded mile. You are looking at well over $600 in some cases. With EMS Lifeline, you can pay the flat $59.00 per household and be transported as many times in that year as needed. If you don't have insurance, you're covered 100 percent. 

"With the traffic conditions the way they are, it's a good insurance policy for you," Hogue said.

The fire department says they have seen the program grow consistently. Most of their customers being the elderly. However, they are now in a push to get younger generations to sign up.

"They think that they may never have to use an ambulance, but the thing is you never know when a accident will happen," Hogue said.

A program that can help save you the headache when an emergency strikes.

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