Neighbors Respond To Woman Raped, Stabbed in Big Spring

Neighbors Respond To Woman Raped, Stabbed in Big Spring

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING - Police are investigating a violent attack on an elderly woman. Investigators said a man sexually assaulted the victim and then stabbed her.

Officers were called out to Radio Tower Road early Wednesday morning. When they got there, they found the victim with several stab wounds.

Police said a man came into a home in the 600 block of Washington around 12:30 a.m. while an woman was asleep.

Reports stated he urged the woman to not fight as he robbed her and then ordered the victim to get into her car.

He then drove her to Radio Tower Road and that's when police believe the man raped her and then stabbed her in the stomach, neck and chest before he took off. Police markings indicate the area where the incident possibly happened as there's an orange arrow pointing to a circle where the woman may have been discovered wounded on the ground.

Back in the neighborhood, residents tell NewsWest 9 investigators were all over the place in the afternoon.

"I thought it was odd that the helicopter was so low and I thought, 'yeah, they're looking for a suspect,'" an elderly woman who wanted to remain anonymous, said.

Another neighbor, who wanted to go by "Mark" talked to a few officials.

"They were saying that since we have so many trailer parks, these RV camps, we just really don't know who all is in the territory. Not that I'm blaming it on some out of town worker but there's a whole lot of people living here that normally wouldn't live here," "Mark" said.

"Mark" also said that they would be increasing the security in their house and encourages others to do the same.

"My family is well prepared for this situation, any situation like this," he said.

The elderly woman told NewsWest 9, she's been living in the neighborhood since the 1980's and said that everyone held a shared sense of safety until now.

"I used to never lock doors. But I imagine everyone will be," the woman added.

Both residents lived a couple of doors down or across the street from the house they were told the attach happened  but they don't know the victim.

The woman was taken to Scenic Mountain Medical Center before being flown to an Odessa hospital for surgery. She's currently listed in serious but stable condition.

Her car was found on the 400 block of East Second but the suspect is still out there.

"I just hope they capture him. The sooner the better and that he pays the price," the woman said.

The only description of the suspect is that he's a Hispanic man under 6' tall and last seen wearing a black sweatshirt. Citizens are encouraged call the Big Spring Police Department with any tips.