City of Midland, Odessa Meet With CRMWD Over Current Water Situation

By Nahum Sotelo
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND/ODESSA - The drought is only getting worse. With no rain in sight, our water supply is dwindling.

On Wednesday, Odessa and Midland met with the Colorado River Municipal Water District to get an update on the current water situation.

As of right now, there won't be any changes to the water restrictions but they aren't being ruled out.

During their monthly meeting with the water district, both cities got the bad news that the lake levels are continuing to drop.

If we don't get any rain and that keeps happening, tighter water restrictions on the way.

The problem both cities are facing, people are not conserving enough water.

In Odessa, the city is still going over their water limit by two million gallons a day.

Just as a reminder, you can only water twice a week in Odessa and Midland.

In Big Spring, it's already down to just one day a week.