Speeding Along Howard County Roads Raising Concerns

by Anayeli Ruiz
NewsWest 9

HOWARD - Speeding drivers in Howard County is raising concerns, so much so that the issue has been brought to County Commissioners.

"We just want the trucks to slow down," Howard County Resident, Mary Leathem, said.

Mary and her family have lived in Howard County for more than 19 years, but just recently they started seeing more and more speeders on county dirt roads like hers.

"We haven't really had any problems until the last year or two," Leathem said.

There aren't any road signs on some of the county roads, so many drivers don't know the speed limit and that's a big problem.

"It's not posted, so we don't know, the truckers feel like there is not a posted speed limit," Leathem said.

Leathem is concerned that the high speeds may cause an accident or even hurt her loved ones.

"What really bothers me, they are going so fast and they might pick up a rock and have it thrown at the kids," Leathem said.

That's why Leathem decided that something needed to be done and she went to the Commissioner's Court for help

"We normally have a 50 mile an hour speed limit on county roads," Howard County Judge,Mark Barr, said.

Barr says this issue has been brought up before and they hope that they will address it as soon as the new Commissioners join the court. They're going to study the situation and find the best way to tackle it.

"We can regulate speed any way we want in the county, but we got to make sure it doesn't interfere with traffic and it's safe for the residents," Barr said.

In the meantime, the Sheriff has offered to keep a closer eye on the area for excessive speeders and maybe this will help Leathem and her neighbors feel safe.

"Slow down and watch out for residents," Leathem said.

Mary and her family hope that the Commissioner's Court will be able to address these issues and slow down truck drivers on county roads.