Charges Dropped Against Andrews Teen, Investigation Continues

ANDREWS - Felony charges against an Andrews teen have been dropped.

17-year-old Skyler Henson was arrested Monday and charged with Felony Indecency with a Minor and Possession of Child Pornography.

The Andrews County and District Attorney John Pool says an assistant district attorney authorized the arrest, but he decided to drop the charges. Henson was released from jail Wednesday morning.

Pool says the original charges involved sexting and sexting can fall under child pornography laws, but in this case, Henson was not accused of having pictures of pre-pubescent children.

Pool says his office does consider sexting to be a serious issue, and until the Texas Legislature tackles the issue, DAs across the state will have to address similar cases with laws currently on the books.

Pool says an investigation is still underway, and the case could go before the Andrews County Grand Jury.