Judge Grants Animal Control Custody of Animals from Puppy Mill Raid

By: Haley Burks
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - 76 animals seized from an alleged puppy mill in West Odessa are now officially in the custody of Animal Control. A judge made that ruling on Tuesday morning.  The animals' owner or owners did not show up at the hearing.

"These animals have never seen grass or daylight, they have been hoarded all their lives, you are going to be dealing with a different type of dog," Director of the Odessa Animal Control, Cheryl Brom, said.

Animal Control will hold the animals for ten days in case there are any appeals by the owner, and then they will be available for adoption.

Animal Control officers said the criminal investigation is still ongoing.

"We know who the property owner is and we are looking for the caretaker.  The caretaker is the one that threw out all the food. We are getting close and we will get him," Brom said.