GM Cuts Not Affecting Local Dealerships

by Diane Tuazon
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - With General Motors' closing down some of their dealerships, it's clear that the economy has hit the auto industry pretty hard, but one dealership; All American Chevrolet of Midland, is not affected by GM's budget cuts.

"We're not affected, we didn't get the letter, our company Lithia are really strong at this point," Sales Manager, Gilbert Guzman, said.

A letter was released to thousands of dealerships regarding not renewing their franchise with GM.  Guzman says they're not affected at all since they're part of Lithia Motor Group, which he says is one of the strongest auto companies.

"The fact that we give pretty good deals out here and Chevrolet is still a marketable product and plus this is a truck area, trucks sell here," Guzman said.

Guzman also said they've doubled in sales in the past three months which has to do with drivers wanting more for their money when it comes to buying quality trucks and SUVs.

"I've had mine since '03, it's been a great vehicle. I have 124,000 miles and it's just a great vehicle. Probably within the next year, I'll buy another one," Car Owner Michael Higgins, said.

"The oil industry slowed down, but is still moving really nice. About five years ago, we were in the same place. We were selling about 200 cars a month and now people are getting their confidence back," Guzman said.