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NOAA launches new satellite to help forecast severe weather

The new weather satellite will improve severe weather forecasts and accuracy in daily weather here in West Texas.

MIDLAND, Texas — With severe weather possible for a large part of the country this weekend, there is some good news as a new satellite is set to be launched to help forecast dangerous storm outbreaks. 

The JPSS satellite is set to be launched on Nov. 9 as part of NOAA's initiative to better predict severe weather.

The satellite will orbit the Earth 14 times per day from pole to pole while collecting atmospheric data from every point on the planet. This data will then be inputted to the weather models that you see on TV to give us better accuracy in forecasting. The more data the better we can predict and track severe weather.

The satellite will not only help forecast storms but also make our daily weather forecasts more accurate. 

From overnight lows to daily highs or how much rain to expect, this satellite will improve our daily local weather forecasts right here in West Texas. 

"With JPSS satellites we're able to see the world and by seeing the world we're able to make local weather predictions better and people can have confidence that it's going to rain or not for their evening plans," National Weather Service Meteorologist Jordan Gerth said.  

What that means is we will all see a benefit in our daily lives and hopefully keep us safer.

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