Good Morning everyone. Today we are expecting starting temperatures to be in the upper 60s and warm into the lower 100s by this afternoon. For the most part, we are looking for mostly sunny skies and nice conditions through out the day. Starting late afternoon, we could see a light pop-up shower or weak thunderstorm for the eastern Permian Basin. 

If this does occur we are not expecting anything severe or concerning to come out of it and it should not last long. Tomorrow, we are looking for morning temperatures to be around 70 degrees and warm into the mid 100s by the afternoon. 

We are not looking for any severe conditions as we go through the rest of this week. Friday, we are looking beginning temperatures to be in the mid-70s and warm into the lower 100s by that afternoon. 

Starting in the early evening, we are tracking isolated rain chances for our central and eastern counties. This is not expect to have any severe conditions associated with it and these chances should not last long. 

If you have any outdoor plans over the next few days be sure to have plenty of sun screen, water, and try to find some shade to take a break.