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National Weather Service provides lightning safety tips

This recent concern stems from the tank battery that was struck by lightning on the night of July 25.

TEXAS, USA — The National Weather Service has been providing tips for lightning safety after recent storms have hit Texas. 

Some of this concern comes after lightning struck a tank battery, which caused a massive fire. 

According to Scott Kleebauer from the National Weather Service, many people make the mistake of standing under a tree or metal sheds to avoid getting wet. 

He said the only place where you can truly be safe is inside a home and away from the storm. 

"So it is always good to keep an eye on the radar, but lets say you are not near a radar, or you dont have access to a radar, basically if you start seeing clouds that are really omnious, that are really building or if you can see a rain shaft that is pretty much your time to start heading inside," Kleebauer said. 

The National Weather Service wants people to keep their guard up.